Spriso's SR20DET Bluebird Coupe Project

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Re: Spriso's SR20DET Bluebird Coupe Project

Postby spriso » 30 Dec 2017 22:04

I very much appreciate the comments-- this thing has been a long time coming!

More updates soon,

Michael Spreadbury
Spriso Motorsports

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Re: Spriso's SR20DET Bluebird Coupe Project

Postby icehouse » 30 Dec 2017 23:12

Awesome progress! Looks so killer on the ground!!!!! We need an updated picture of the boy on the valve cover!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I can see why you changed the turbo clocking. I was just looking at mine and thinking how to make it work but not look stupid.

Where is your MAF?
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Re: Spriso's SR20DET Bluebird Coupe Project

Postby Byron510 » 31 Dec 2017 09:15

PoorMtnKid wrote:Just had the chance to sit hear and read a little my self. What an amazing build , detail is amazing. Feature?

Agreed, and done!

Michael, your detailed posts and clear photos are an absolute joy to follow and read. Your technical insight and project planning is always well presented and not hidden in code. And of course your craftsmanship and attention to detail is stellar.

Thank you for continuing to post and share your projects is such detail here on the Realm. Can't wait to see your project in person again.

Happy New Years Michael.

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