The Bronze - '69er Resto Project and continuing build-up.

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Re: The Bronze - '69er Resto Project and continuing build-up.

Post by Danthewire » 19 Jun 2018 14:27

Yeah its pretty cool Byron. Its kinda neat for myself also, many of you may not know but way back in the late 70s my good friend Gary was the original owner of the car. I also had a 71-510 at the time, little did I know at the time where this would all lead too. My racing career, my friendship with Bob Stevens who ALWAYS went out of his way to mentor me. All the different people I met and tracks that I visited. All because of your car.

Its just so awesome to see how the car has progressed over the 45 years that I have known it.
When we talked last year at the show in Vancouver it floored me that those were still the original
fiberglass fenders that I had built 40 odd years ago.
(With a major fix up by you)
Like I said I'm glad you got recognized for the car.

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Re: The Bronze - '69er Resto Project and continuing build-up.

Post by funwithmonkeys » 19 Jun 2018 23:19

Byron510 wrote:
19 Jun 2018 11:46
Thanks for your feedback Norm.

So to confirm you are using Specialties 1100 lbs spring in the stock location with QA1 adjustable shocks or are you using coil over units with the QA1? Would you have a part number by chance on the adjustable shocks that worked for you? I’ll see if I can get some length specs for min/max and see if they’ll work for me.

Thanks Norm.
I have weight jackers with Eibach 2.5" diameter 6" long springs. The part number Robyn gave you for the shocks are the same as I am using. I have just a bit of preload on the springs at my ride height. Jegs has the shocks for about 170usd each. If you wanted one a bit longer they have lots to choose from. The adjustment goes from bouncy at the minimum to I can't move it at the maximum. That is on the single adjustable. If you want to get fancy you can get the double adjustable for double the price. With my springs out my suspension bottoms out before the shock does by about 2".
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Re: The Bronze - '69er Resto Project and continuing build-up.

Post by 510wizard » 20 Jun 2018 07:25

If you ever get to Vegas, stop by and see Peter's place, it has some great pictures from back in the day and stuff to purchase. Plus get him to give you a tour of the trailer plant, it's up your alley.

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