240Z vs 510 spindles

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240Z vs 510 spindles

Post by 510rcr » 15 Jul 2009 21:37

I met a guy (cousin of an old school friend - met online due to common Datsun interests) who says that he has E34 model BMW 325 front rotors and calipers on his 240Z. He claims it is a direct bolt on, no fab. He is working in California and his Z cars are in St. Louis so I can't really just check it out.

I know that the G Production SCCA guys run the alunimum finned rear drums from a 240Z on 510's. Does anyone know if the 240Z spindles are the same size (id / od of bearings & same length) and if so, could this be true? Didn't a 240 have 14" rims though, or were they 13's as well?

If that is true, this could be an awsome upgrade with readily available parts. Thanks in advance for any knowledge on this subject. I have searched around and can find nothing on it.
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Re: 240Z vs 510 spindles

Post by thisismatt » 15 Jul 2009 22:13

The spindle doesn't have much to do with the caliper center to center bolt spacing, nor the caliper side to side relationship to the hub. Also, the E34 is not a 325
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Re: 240Z vs 510 spindles

Post by heirfaus » 18 Jul 2009 23:31

Um I thought you couldn't use 240z spindles...am I wrong? isn't the camber way off or something?
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Re: 240Z vs 510 spindles

Post by okayfine » 19 Jul 2009 08:15

heirfaus wrote:Um I thought you couldn't use 240z spindles...am I wrong? isn't the camber way off or something?
OP never really got around to the point of his post, but yes, 240Z spindles (and, hence, struts) are not readily usable on 510s.
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