Brake line question

Suspension, including wheel, tire and brake.
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Re: Brake line question

Post by goichi1 » 22 Aug 2009 01:38

Sorry mate, don't know of any Datsun shops over that side of the country, I am up near Yokohama/Tokyo area. I've only been to Osaka once and didn't have time to look up any shops. I can check on the internet or ask come of my Datsun friends up here if they know any.....

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Re: Brake line question

Post by niz16 » 22 Aug 2009 16:33

thnaks goichi

its pretty damn hard to find em, well i havent found too many in kyushu anyhow, but cheers for asking around!!!
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Re: Brake line question

Post by spoolinitup33 » 24 Aug 2009 05:45

It is ok that I used 1/4" line for my brake lines isn't it?

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Re: Brake line question

Post by Byron510 » 24 Aug 2009 12:44

spoolinitup33 wrote:It is ok that I used 1/4" line for my brake lines isn't it?
The size of the line makes no real difference except:

The Bronze (my car) was entirely plumbed in 1/4" braded flex line, and the pedal was an absolute sponge due tot he fact that the lines were expanding each time I stepped on the brakes. It must have cost the previous owned a small fortune to do this modification - and it was a real failure. Had it been plumbed in -3 (3/16") line, it would have been better but is still not as good as plumbing done in hard lines.

Hard lines are best for brake lines, as expansion is kept to a minimum. As far as brake line diameter is concerned, well you don't need anything bigger than 3/16" to make them work, so putting in larger lines means more weight and more brake fluid, more expensive fittings - otherwise the system is unaffected.


PS BTW I took a few photos of 240K’s and C110’s’ while in Oz for my year of traveling around your wonderful country. You think those models are hard to find in Japan and Oz – we never even got em here in Canada at all. When I show those photos to people here in Canada, the likely response is “What the hell kinda Datsun is that??”
The best story was when I got “caught” taking photo’s of “Freddy the 240K” in a parking lot somewhere in the Grampians (SA). A young teen age kid ran over to me as I was looking at the car and taking photos of this rather USED 240K and said “Watcha doin’ around Freddy?” as this was apparently the family cars name. I was soon joined by the kids mother and a couple other siblings. In my Canadian accent I explained that I was into old Datsuns back home and that I thought their car was pretty cool. This kid was alright with the answer, his mother looked at me like I was a freak… and I continued to take a few photos and quietly went away to join my bus tour group. :lol:
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