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Floor mount pedal assemblies

Posted: 02 Apr 2014 16:02
by Boy Blunder
A question for the more mechanically inclined and racers out there:

Does anyone run a floor mount pedal assembly? In my quest for revamping the EP 510's braking system, I wonder about just going all out and purchasing a tilton 2-3 pedal assembly with the individual master cylinders... and then adapting them to some disc brake conversion setup.

It seems to be the way to go on the fully built EP cars of today. I know Chris Dorsey runs this setup and is actually ditching the 2 pedal and going for the 3 in his EP corolla.

For those that need a reference: ... -assembly/

My concerns arise from several factors:

1. The need to properly brace the pedal mounting area in a car that already has extremely low ground clearance.
2. Pushing the pedal assembly closer to the driver by mounting them on the floor - This is a concern, but at the moment I have to scoot my sparco seat all the way up on the rails in order to reach the original pedal assembly.. so... a wash?

In the end it would be more work with having to run new brake lines.. but worth it?

Re: Floor mount pedal assemblies

Posted: 02 Apr 2014 18:55
by okayfine
Why floor-mount versus the more common hanging setup? Byron's got some detailed shots of his individual master setup, and you can even buy a bolt-in, reworked stock assembly from DP Racing:

Re: Floor mount pedal assemblies

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 03:55
by Boy Blunder
From my understanding the DP racing unit required some fab work to get it in there.

I would like to keep it as "bolt in" as possible - which I know deserves some eyes rolling.

My reason thinking against the DP or modified stock unit being is that I do not posses the proper welding skills, nor a welder and do not have a full style road race cage with the loop under the dash that I have seen a lot of people adapt the top mount style pedal assemblies to.

It was my thinking that with some interesting framework, a floor mounted assembly could work just as well. It also opens up down the road some "interesting" room made up for steering box modifications like you see in EP these days with the steering gear reductions etc etc.

Forgive me for being out in left field on this one - but thus it is so in E Prepared these days in order to be competitive.... and effective for the dollar.

Re: Floor mount pedal assemblies

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 06:46
by Cmac
I would say that the biggest issue running the floor mount set up is the space it will take up. at 9.5 inches away from the base of the fire wall ( if I read this right) and will put your seating position way back. Ryan from Rywire is building a honda on line and ran in to this situation they converted back to a over hung set up. ... _5316A.pdf

Here is a link to the topic on mounting the over hung units. ... lit=tilton

Ap also makes a pedal assemblies that puts the masters under your heals however the cost is around $ 4500.00

Re: Floor mount pedal assemblies

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 06:57
by S15DET
Most of us use the reverse-mount underhung assembly because of space. The curve of the floor would dictate placement, placing you pretty far back. Maybe that's not a bad thing.
You're going to run into lots of fab work buiulding a new EP car, the pedal assy. is just a drop in the bucket, I would think.

Re: Floor mount pedal assemblies

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 14:58
by Boy Blunder
Well the EP car is already built.... just 20 or so years ago. I am in more of a "modernizing" phase.

Thanks for the information on the 9 inches needed to clear the masters. I had been wondering about that with the curvature of the floorboard, just havent measured yet. I knew I had been planning on running remote reservoirs no matter what.