Front strut locks up

Suspension, including wheel, tire and brake.
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Front strut locks up

Postby spottedog » 23 Apr 2014 00:43

Yesterday I put my 1974 B210 on jack stands to replace the rubber hoses on the front brakes, everything went well, bled the brakes, all OK.

Put the wheels back on, lowered the car and went for a test ride, brakes work great BUT I hear a "groneing" sound coming from the front left of the car.
I go back home and raise the car to have a look but as I raise the car I hear the same sound coming from the drivers side strut!

I remove the wheel and see nothing unusual, no oil coming from the strut.
I put the wheel back on and as I lower the car it makes the same sound.
So I sit on the fender to push the compress the suspension and when I let it come back up the strut makes the sound and does not return to the
"full up" position!

I have a friend push the front of the car up and down while I poke around with a stethoscope, the sound is coming from the top of the strut. WTF? :confused:
I replaced both strut cartridges about 3 years ago, they are not 41 years old. This is my DD, I need to fix this thing to get to work. :blush:

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Re: Front strut locks up

Postby okayfine » 23 Apr 2014 07:36

Removing the strut in question and pulling the spring off will allow you to cycle the strut insert easily. Is it possible you've had deteriorating performance, now that you look back?
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Re: Front strut locks up

Postby spottedog » 23 Apr 2014 22:27

Removed strut, cut end off of cartridge, (the gas charge was gone) poured out oil and chunks of valve assembly.
No more Monroe products for me. :x

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