Rotating camber plates

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Rotating camber plates

Post by sexyL » 09 Aug 2014 22:00

If the 510 camber plates mounting pattern were equilateral (I can't check), would it be possible to rotate the camber plates to gain caster as well as camber? It seems like some subaru guys are doing it.

It's getting late for me... I should really stop thinking about these things.

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Re: Rotating camber plates

Post by Mattndew76 » 09 Aug 2014 22:35

There are ways to complicate a camber plate :D

I was looking at how I could design a x and y axis camber/caster plate for the Datsun's

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Re: Rotating camber plates

Post by Byron510 » 09 Aug 2014 23:38

That above installation on the subi doesn't make sense to me. In essence you are adjusting caster and camber each time you move this thing. Camber is generally adjusted to make the best contact with the tire on the road surface. If changing air pressures or ride height, you may also adjust camber to get even or desired temps across the surface of the tire. You may adjust one side more than three other depending on the course you are tuning for.

Caster on the other hand is generally set, corrected to be be balanced and identical to both sides of the car, and in most cases adjusted to the max when used in sports applications. The cost of this adjustment is heavy steering, the benefits are increased stability at speed and beneficial camber on set ups like our 510's. Most 510 camber plates relocate the top of the stuff as far back as possibly to gain a small amount of caster. For most of us into track of solo events, this isn't nearly enough and we go one step further and make out TC rods adjustable and significantly shorten thief effective lengh to gain caster in the 3-6 degree range.

So, I would conclude that the subi plates as installed above are useless. If you went to fine tune the camera, you'd upset the caster. If first ever tuning your camber meant that the settings would be different side for side, the you'd upset caster side for side and you car would pull one way. In conclusion, it just doesn't make snece to combine the two adjustments in this format, they need to be independent of each other or it just doesn't work.

Maybe thinking the above items are to appease the bling crowd who have no sense of what they are buying, only that it looks cool.
Please correct me if I'm off base here.

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Re: Rotating camber plates

Post by bertvorgon » 10 Aug 2014 05:46

No, your right!
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