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Brake Options for 14" Wheels, 510 Struts

Posted: 23 Feb 2017 10:38
by Canadian510
Hey everyone, haven't been on here in awhile since i was away for work but now that i'm getting settled in and have the 510 back things are in motion. One of the first things i want to do is change out my brakes up front, they are original and the rotors/pads need to be replaced anyway.

My dilemma is i have some nice 14" SSR MKII's that i do not want to get rid of, also have sectioned my 510 struts and added coil sleeves so don't want to swap them for Z ones. What is out there for brake upgrades that still fit a 14" wheel?

After a little searching these are the only ones i've come across

The one's on the top of the page (Part Number: 401-0506)

What are everyone's opinions on those?

Re: Brake Options for 14" Wheels, 510 Struts

Posted: 11 Mar 2017 12:03
by oldsklgarage
Hello, I have spoken with Don on many occasions.. He puts together a very good product and I think these will work for your application. Give him a call, you might have to leave a message. I believe he is still running a one man operation.