Rear sway bar bracket HELP !!!

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Rear sway bar bracket HELP !!!

Postby bluesbrother30 » 30 Oct 2017 19:02

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Please help me figure out how to mount this bracket..........This is a mounting bracket for the rear sway bar on a old 510 ITC race car. Have the bar, links, and the plates that mount the pivot bushings to the car. This bracket attaches to the rear control arm, near the shock mount........then a small link attaches between this bracket and the end of the sway bar. Does anyone have a bracket like this??? I cannot for the life of me figure out how it attaches to the control please!!!

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Re: Rear sway bar bracket HELP !!!

Postby bluesbrother30 » 30 Oct 2017 19:42

Had a cold Corona, crawled under the car, became the car..............figured it out. Sorry for the "premature posting"


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Re: Rear sway bar bracket HELP !!!

Postby RMS » 30 Oct 2017 21:50

its god that you posted, as many of us will say: we dont run a rear sway bar.

bertvorgon wrote:The REASON that some uf us don't run rear bars, is two fold. #1, we have balanced our cars with front and rear springs, and a front anti roll bar, that pretty much balances the car in terms of under/oversteer. #2, most of us can induce power-on oversteer at low speeds, when we want it, and do NOT want oversteer at high speed.

It is really important to UNDERSTAND WHY you are bolting parts on, specially when it comes to suspension stuff. Depending on the spring rates you have chosen, and the front anti-roll bar diameter, the mere act of putting a rear anti-roll bar on may cause the car to have an oversteering tendancy at higher speeds, that MAY bite you one day in the rain, or some other situation as you go into a corner under trailing brake and hit a bump. As much as it is nice to throw everything on at once, when you are putting in things from different manufacturers, you never really know how that package will work. Better to drive the car first, and see what you think of the handling, under ALL situations. Handling will change depending on severity of corner, load IN the car, pavement grip, and of course, tires. Your suspension setting will control a lot of that too, specially if you run increased camber and castor in the front.

So, just a heads up, and maybe save you some money.

there is a good post with video.... but i couldn't find it
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