Need help identifying these struts

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Need help identifying these struts

Post by bluesbrother30 » 03 Nov 2017 15:38

Hello group......
I have assembled these struts to go on my vintage 510 race car. Tubes cut down, Koni inserts, adjustable spring perches, new disks. Problem is, I cant remember (old racer guy) exactly which model there were. I know they are 280's but not sure what year and model. Why?? I need to order calipers and need to know what they are to do that......if it helps, the caliper bolt holes are about 3.57 inches, center hole to center hole.
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Re: Need help identifying these struts

Post by datzenmike » 03 Nov 2017 19:29

3.5" is 89mm which is the caliper bolt spacing for two Nissan struts. The '80-'83 S110 200sx and the '79-'83 280zx. The 280z struts were never used and they did not have the vented rotor as in your picture.

All turbo and normally aspirated 280zx years, '79-'83, were the same calipers and rotors.

You could read the part numbers off the sides of the strut tube....
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