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my 71’ Sedan

Posted: 13 Sep 2018 06:28
by Itsgonscrape
Good Morning all,

I am very very new to owning this beauty and as I have read a lot of the threads in the Suspension part of this forum. I still seem very very unclear. I want to have the option to be as low as I want without running air but also Quality parts is very important to me. I will take any suggestions I can get at all. But unfortunately I need a step by step. Lol thank you in advance for the help!!!!

Re: my 71’ Sedan

Posted: 13 Sep 2018 23:50
by two_68_510s

Welcome! What beauty? Is it an Eastern car? Post some pics, eh?

Re: my 71’ Sedan

Posted: 18 Sep 2018 13:25
by Itsgonscrape
Hey Joel,

I have a few pictures I will update soon and nope I scooped it from Colorado, having a hard time figuring out the suspension stuff though.

Re: my 71’ Sedan

Posted: 19 Sep 2018 04:39
by Three B's Racing
Itsgonscrape wrote:
18 Sep 2018 13:25
Hey Joel,

I have a few pictures I will update soon and nope I scooped it from Colorado, having a hard time figuring out the suspension stuff though. in Dunbarton, NH is your best friend for 510 suspension upgrades.

Re: my 71’ Sedan

Posted: 19 Sep 2018 09:06
by Itsgonscrape
Yeah I have done a ton of looking on there but there also lots of options and things to get. that's why I am kinda looking for the way to gt the lowest I can get. even though i may not ever go that low I want the option. ya know what I mean?

Re: my 71’ Sedan

Posted: 20 Sep 2018 14:46
by two_68_510s
Yeah, probably the most mysterious part of setting up a car.
Formula 1 people are still setting up the suspension just before the race. The point is, everyone struggles with this piece.

I got lazy and let the folks who sold me the parts, give me advice. Dave at is a major resource. Also Baz and tRacy at

Re: my 71’ Sedan

Posted: 27 Sep 2018 12:58
by Dave Patten
Lowering a 510 isn't a "just bolt on these parts" type of affair.

There used to be aftermarket lowering springs that gave you 1" to 1.5" of drop, but these seem to be NLA. That was one simple option, but one that will not get a 510 significantly lower. There is no prefabricated kit offered that will do that.

To do what you are looking for means shortening your struts, adding a coil-over set-up to them and either adding shorter rear springs / shocks or changing to coil over rear shocks.

This requires a huge amount of advance planning to do it right. Shorten the strut too much and you run out of droop travel. Not enough and you don't have enough compression travel and the car constantly bottom out the suspension.

If you want the car really low you need stiff springs to keep it from slamming into the ground on bumps. Great on a race track but it destroys ride quality for the street. This may not be the best option.

You need to first determine how you plan to use the car. Then, what are you willing to accept for ride quality. The harsher the ride, the lower you can go (from a ride quality aspect), but it may be to low to be prudent for your local road conditions. If you drive on roads filled with bumps and potholes, you may want a higher ride height with somewhat softer spring rates.

The original suspension pick-up points may also need to be relocated for the suspension to work properly when extremely lowered. My vintage 510 race car has the LCA pivots raised with the rear at close to stock pick-up positions. The rear of the car sits fairly high as a result.

My race car also has 13" wheels, this effects the suspension as the car sits closer to the ground without needing to modify the suspension as drastically. An extremely lowered car with large OD rims / tires will put suspension arms at angles that are not optimum without the pick-up points being relocated so the suspension works properly.

As for a step by step process, there isn't really one. Everyone has their own set of wanted components, needed appearance, desired ride quality and compromises to make it all happen.

Re: my 71’ Sedan

Posted: 28 Sep 2018 14:06
by dodgydan
best advice i would give is look through the build threads and find someone who is using the car they way you want to. i.e. daily/autocross/just cruising'/etc. then look at their susp. details and ride height. and build yours the same. we went with techno toy tunings T3 coil overs front and rear. fronts on cut down 280zx struts with bump steer spacers.(plenty of how to threads for this mod.) then TT3 adjustable top hats in front to correct camber. and Byron's brackets on rear x-member to correct rear camber. and then there is wheel diam. width and offset choices that greatly effect how "low" you can go.
thats why finding a build done to your liking will save you tonnes off research and time. Good luck.

Re: my 71’ Sedan

Posted: 30 Sep 2018 14:39
by Danthewire
Start here post #6 will get you going.
https://physicsforums-bernhardtmediall. ... o/logo.png
Dave and Dodgydan are right on with their advise.
A severely lowered 510 with no correction to the original design is a piece of shit to drive and very dangerous. It will NOT drive properly.
Too do it right you will need to understand the basics of chassis design.
Then you will have to design and fab everything yourself.
Ive built a few racecars from scratch...… its a tremendous amount of work.
Save yourself the grief.....

Re: my 71’ Sedan

Posted: 30 Sep 2018 14:54
by Danthewire
hmmm try this- physics forum, automotive, race car suspension class, post 6