14x6.5 & 14x7 fitment

Suspension, including wheel, tire and brake.
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14x6.5 & 14x7 fitment

Post by SimpleIsBest » 14 Nov 2018 22:07

Wheel fitment has been covered before, but I don't think I've seen a clear answer to this.

I'm looking at running Watanabes in 14x6.5 front and 14x7 rears, offset +7 and +10 respectively, with 195/65/14 tires on the front and 205/65/14s on the rear. Anyone know if those would fit without fender mods? It's currently sitting on stock suspension and springs, although I'm planning on lowering about an inch. Thanks!

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Re: 14x6.5 & 14x7 fitment

Post by BrandonS » 18 Nov 2018 11:19

Hopefully this will help you, although it will partially anecdotal. I use to have 14x7 +8 and 14x7.5 0 on my car. Relatively speaking to what you are looking to run that puts your wheel faces retracted 5mm in the front and retracted 16mm in the rear. My tires were 175 width so all measurements being equal, the outside edge of your tire would be 5mm past what mine was (20mm tire tread difference split in half with the offset difference subtracted) and your rear would be retracted 1mm farther than mine. If I did the math right.

As far as how close mine are, here are pictures. You'll run into problems in the front depending on camber and height. The rear will be super close and you'll probably have to roll the lips or do something if you want to ever fix the camber issue when lowered that the tires tuck.

Hopefully someone running the setup you stated can chime in because often times the math doesn't always check out. Especially with tires as they can have quite a variance between brands for the same width.



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