Hand brake

Suspension, including wheel, tire and brake.
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Hand brake

Post by Stephen22 » 23 Jan 2019 20:25

My 1972 510 does not have a hand brake. Getting a hand brake for a 1972 car will prove to be difficult.

What hand brake will fit the 510?

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Re: Hand brake

Post by Heinrich » 23 Jan 2019 20:58


depending on how much work you are willing to do, you could make something fit.
i fit a nissan langley tunnel hand brake to mine.

i have a spare under dash standard handbrake for you'
it's free, you just have to pay shipping from gauteng.
Progress is slow, but it is progress non the less.

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Re: Hand brake

Post by cartel » 23 Jan 2019 21:28

how will it prove to be difficult? the parts are easy to find for stock, and not expensive so i must be missing something-

if you have disc brakes on rear with no way to actuate mechanically thats different- and even in that case you can use a dune buggy park lock to keep pressure on the rear calipers for "parking use" this isnt DOT legal anywhere that i know of but it is functional and works well

the newest way to do ebrake is the electric ebrake calipers from Brembo that Tesla uses- however i havent found a control box that is reasonable for the activation part- as they need a certain voltage/load applied then shut off- so the caliper parks- then it needs to be reversed to release- and it cannot be constant power as it continually squeezes then- i think this will be a common way to do ebrake very soon once someone creates a standalone control box to do the activation and release, as you can get the caliper very cheap currently.
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