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libre lug nuts

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 20:54
by Matt#2
Hi all

So I got my newly acquired 14x5.5 libres all cleaned up(thanks yenpit), tires mounted, all set to throw them on....lugs don't fit. And it's not the depth of the shank that's the issue, it's the bore size. After googling, it seems that the standard bore for 12x1.25 shank nuts is .68, however the hole in the rim guess .62 (hard to tell, can't fit the caliper in there to measure). They don't look mis-shapen from previous damage. I don't get it.

What am I missing? Any thoughts?


Re: libre lug nuts

Posted: 11 Jan 2020 17:00
by cartel
turn on a lathe or try some other brand- could always have someone drill out the wheels but ive never had to do that- ive used open end moroso lugnuts before but i also convert to std thread studs usually, would be super easy to turn on a lathe to fit --