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Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 03 Sep 2014 12:18
by housew
those gtr rims did look a lot better :roll:

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 03 Sep 2014 17:53
by PoorMtnKid
housew wrote:those gtr rims did look a lot better :roll:
Agreed, Your car had a unique look with those wheels and the matching paint.

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 04 Sep 2014 06:27
by okayfine
Will you be running the center caps? Also, it's not strictly a fair comparison - you've taken 100 great pictures of your car with the GTR rims, and one not-so-great picture with the BBS rims. Moar pictures! :)

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 04 Sep 2014 07:19
by S15DET
Are the meshies 5x114? I assume so. I like the look and would be tempted if I didn't just buy another set of wheels.

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 04 Sep 2014 14:06
by JordanTr
Yeah I'm not much of a fan of them either. They haven't actually spent any time on my car yet... They'll be on there for the weekend so I can hopefully get a couple decent pics at the autoX.

OK, you're right about the unfair comparison! I have 3 of the original center caps. I didn't powdercoat them so they don't match. They also have the giant Infiniti logo on em which I'm not a huge fan of. They also don't fit over my tuner lugs so I'd have to switch back to normal lugs.

Brad, they are 5x114 with the Nissan center bore which is nice. They're 6.5 wide and 45 offset so they aren't exactly optimal but they work well with 15-20mm spacers on my car with 205/50 tires. They forged, cheap, ubiquitous, and 13lb per rim. Win win win! I paid 40 apiece for mine and they can be had cheaper.

Winter Update

Posted: 29 Nov 2014 23:21
by JordanTr
Well, it's been a while since I've updated here. The 510 is now put away for the winter.

Stepping back to the Winthrop drive when my brakes failed. I originally thought the master cylinder went since there was 0 pressure. I spent some time on the phone that night looking for parts but ultimately the only solution was some Datsun parts so my pops met us at Tim Hortons the next morning with some tools and spare parts. We tackled the master cylinder swap-over immediately but that didn't fix the problem. Strange. While Matt was being the pedal man bleeding the brakes, he noticed a squirt of something on his leg. Sure enough it's brake fluid puking out of the Tilton lever style proportioning valve. It was all done up tight but the fluid would just pour out of the lever. We ended up gutting and capping off all but 2 of the outlets on a shuttle valve that pops had brought as a spare and plumbing that in instead of the proportioning valve. After re-bleeding the brakes, I had a pedal back and we were ready to get on the road. Couple pics from that.

Imagephoto 1

The better part of the trip!

After the Winthrop drive I had a chance to tackle the CV boots which I should have really replaced right away when I build them this past winter... Anyways, because of the split boots, there was super tacky moly grease all over the bottom side of the trunk and onto the rear valence as well. Not fun. I took preemptive action on the rear CVs for Golddust and replaced those boots as well. Look how cute and tiny the 510 CVs are compared to GTR32 CVs. Both are Birfield ball in cace CVs.



Throw back to summer when it wasn't freezing and snowing. Summer cruise up to Stave Lake and dump loop.



I replaced my rear tires late in the summer with a pair of Yokohama S drives and put very few miles on them. I was pleasantly surprised that they run a hair narrower than my old BFGs so I'm aiming for a square setup of 215/40/16 front and rear on 16x8 rims for next year.

I got in for a real alignment before the autoX but I'm not really sure what the alignment sheet means since the alignment monkey says some are in inches (despite being marked degrees) and some in degrees. After several calls attempting to clear up what's actually on the sheet and getting totally jerked around, I gave up and just drove the car and it drives very nicely, The only downside is that I don't know what the specs are! I was surprised how little caster I had with maxed out TC rods though.


I did an AutoX with the UBC Sports Car Club in early September and a training day on the same pad the day prior to that. It went really well. On race day, Byron got out there as well and we had a healthy competition until the end of the day when Byron got in the groove and started taking me by just over a whole second at the end of the day. I ran 38 psi as per the Bert Vorgon recommendation and it went well. That pressure also lined up with what the other R888 guys were saying.

Here are a couple pics from the event.

Game face


Front tire wear. Doesn't seem to be any sidewall wear. Line on the left side is the recent one.


Token shot of the car with meshies for Jules


Made it into the newspaper (ish) after the autoX. Have a read below (Thanks Mom for circling my name).



Got super burned out of car stuff at the end of the summer so I did some other cool stuff.

Mt. Frosty--Manning Park. Looking west


The Lions--West Van. Looking west


Silver Tip--Hope. Halfway up looking to the top. *I would not even recommend this hike to an enemy... It's a brutal bushwhack.

Imagesilvertip half

Silver Tip looking west.


Silver Tip trek.

ImageSilver Tip

I've still been collecting parts for the Golddust project and always on the lookout for parts for this.

On Black Friday, I stumbled on another set of BBS rims I couldn't pass up.


The coolest thing is that it came with the original BBS centercap wrench and an aluminum spare that was never used!



I have a bit of a laundry list for next year which depends on time, money, and next summer's plan.

Let's throw some goals on the table:
-A new R200 LSD. Still toying with the idea of an OBX Torsen for S13 240sx application. It will bolt into my longnose pumpkin and use 29 spline R200 axles (what I've got now). I could also go with a 1.5 way clutch type LSD such as Z31T, Nismo or KAAZ. I'm keeping my eyes open for any of these.
-New drivers side inner rear lower control arm brackets so I can get camber in spec. I'm thinking I used a bent control arm to make my jig? :(
-Another pair of Yoko S-drives 215/40/16
-Fix electronic door locks (broken again)
-Possibly a new radiator, custom built a la Byron's table saw method
-Dedicate some time to the Golddust project
-Relay headlights or get around to installing my bi-Xenon projectors
-Adjustable hood bumpers on the top of the rad support

That's about it for now boys! :D

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 11:42
by Techromancer
No updates in awhile. You busy with school?

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 02 Apr 2015 11:48
by JordanTr
Hey B,

Ya, mega busy with school right now. I'm done for good in less than 4 weeks though so that's pretty exciting! :D

You're back in town?

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 14:12
by Techromancer
Yeah, I'm back in town. I'm working like crazy for a few more weeks as well, then it's time to replace my starter motor.

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 07 Apr 2015 04:50
by S15DET
What a crazy-looking spare. I can't even wrap my head around the blocks, it looks like they are cast into the wheel itself?

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 19 Apr 2015 00:09
by JordanTr
Yep, definitely cast into the spokes.

Finally have some time to throw an update down. I have been writing my last stint of finals and I still have a couple to go before I'm done undergrad (Wooooo!! :D ).

Put some plates on the 510. After sitting since Christmas, it fired right up in classic KA style... Rrrrr, Rrrrrrr, Rrrrrr, VROOM.
I quickly dropped the front end 3/4" back to street height and put the GTR rims back on. Did a quick once over and got plates.
Drives the same and is still super fun. Turns lots of heads in town too! :D I absolutely love having a turn-key car... Only took 5 years :lol:

Did some house cleaning this weekend. Kept all the beefy subframe stuff (most is the same as R32GTR) and the bare block so I can build a coffee table. BBS wheels are spare spares for the 510.

Grabbed some parts for Golddust.

Got under the meaty rear end of Golddust to swap my R32 ebrake cables for R33 ebrake cables which will bolt up OEM style (ish) when using the Z32/R32 drum ebrake assembly.


Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 02 May 2015 22:52
by JordanTr
Got out on a little cruise today. Absolutely great day for it!






Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 26 May 2015 00:21
by JordanTr
Not too much to update on the 510 front up here.

Finished up my last round of exams ~1 month ago and spent a couple weeks road tripping in the USA to celebrate.
Saw lots of rocks of varying textures and colours and did a bunch of cool hikes as well. We hit the Redwoods, Lassen, Death Valley, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon.

Because we're all here for pics. :D

Norcal coast


Top of Lassen Peak

Bristle Cone Pines near Death Valley


Death Valley





Grand Canyon


Utah red


Bryce Canyon


Zion National Park



Got the VH45 table all finished off. It cleaned up really well with a few hours of HF scrubbing and pressure washing.
I figure the base weighs around 80 lbs. I can move it around myself without excruciating effort.
I found some 36 x 36 x 0.75" glass on Craigslist so that went on top. This block was from the green Q45 above.


I got hired out of town for a job starting next week so I'll be leaving my toys behind. :(
I did some cleaning up and a repack of the shop.

Here's what 20 years of Japanese sedan evolution looks like.


Blood Brothers.


I put the S14 under wraps for now.


That's it for now!! The "to do" list from a few posts up has not been touched yet.

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 26 May 2015 18:51
by gooned
Wow great pics! Which far off land are you dispatched to?

Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Posted: 28 May 2015 22:45
by JordanTr
Thanks J!

The pics are a mix of iPhone and real camera but I'm glad you think they're alright.

I'm off to Quesnel. Picture for reference.