Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

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Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Post by gooned » 08 Sep 2018 20:47

Kimberly should be a nice upgrade from the last stop!

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Re: Jordan's '72 2 door KA project

Post by Byron510 » 09 Sep 2018 06:39

Great write up Jordan. Playing with unbalance is a really interesting learning curve.
I see you have (had?) access to a Schenck machine with a Cab 720 head unit, this is the Cadillac off balance machines, a really quality machine, and what is in all of our newer ABB turbo shops. The machine I had here in Vancouver was a Cab 690, which didn’t have a many neat bits of software, which forced you as a user to “know more”.

Of course I was balancing turbines, so tolerances of less than 1g/mm were common. At that level, the effect of induced heat from you hands while holding the rotor before placing it on the machine can easily seen. Also friction from the roller bearings and the drive belt are a running concern.

We always used two balancing planes, it just simply far more accurate as you noted.Two things I learned over my years of balancing rotors is the we used couple imbalance at any time that the balancing planes come close together. Like many of our axial turbines, the 2 balancing planes were very close together. Just like your flywheel, couple imballance mathematically calculates where the individual Ballance planes will rotate to, and it is a setting on the 720. My 690 didn’t have this, so you had to lean to visualize it, or do the math on paper - which there often wasn’t time for. The cool thing about couple imballance is that you will remove less material from the rotor while archiving the same balance tolerance, and this is the primary reason why we would employ this method. Our turbine shafts are worth a ridiculous amount of money.

Anyways, great read - thanks for your thoughts. One book we kept around for guys wanting to read was a copy of the Fundamentals of Ballancing, it looked like it was printed in the 40’s, but it could have been much newer. Like the materials you had access to, those fundamentals don’t change, the technology and software does however.

And good luck on your new job, what will you be doing in the Kootenies? And now we have another destination in the BC interior to shoot for, that’s cool.

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