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Re: VG30DETT 510

Post by datsunscom » 29 Sep 2017 07:45

Thanks! I'm actually working on making this my 100% daily driver like it was back in ...oh hell, long time ago. Yesterday I was going through pictures and the list of changes from when it was initially a TT to now is kind of staggering

recirc valves
ECU (including going from MAF to MAP - mainly for engine bay clearance issues)
intercoolers and plumbing (much straighter runs)
exhaust manifolds
wideband O2's

Also, the wastegates will be controlled by the ECU and not the Greddy Profec-B I used to run. In its current state of tune I am letting the wastegates open at whatever the springs in them allow (8psi per the latest logging) and I have the rev limiter set to 5500rpm...and I have a story about that.

Something I learned about MAP systems the hard way. With MAF and carburetors, if you have a vacuum leak the engine will typically run rough. In a MAP car if you do something dumb like say, leave the VG30DE balance tube unsecured so there's a huge vacuum leak, the MAP system sees the air and adds fuel in the appropriate proportion. When I first fired this car up a couple months ago, as soon as it fired up it went to redline (7500rpm!) without me doing anything. Freaked out, I set the rev limiter to 2000rpm and fired the car up ran right into the limiter. I checked idle and other settings in the ECU (WolfEMS, to recap) and found nothing amiss (it comes with a base 300ZXTT map, and mine was that just scaled for bigger injectors). After some poking around, I found I hadn't fully bolted down the balance tube! Bolt it down and presto....controllable throttle. I then set the limiter to 5500rpm and drove around just to be sure, and I simply haven't felt the need to raise it yet.

Even with a 5500rpm limit and just 8psi of boost it's probably as fast as it was n/a VG30DE...still breaks 'em loose in 1st and 2nd if I choose to be stupid. Once I get the diff back in the car I'll create a walkaround then drive video.

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Re: VG30DETT 510

Post by Byron510 » 30 Sep 2017 07:29

Dave, this car and build has always been an inspiration for me, and I'm sure others as well. It's just such a cool project and it's survived for so many years having really been driven.
It was also great to see you again this year at Canby.
Daily driving the car I too think that would be a great idea. Wish I could do the same myself through the summer. One day :-)

Keep the photos coming, look forward to the video.

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Re: VG30DETT 510

Post by datsunscom » 30 Aug 2018 23:25

So...this thing has been back on the road a while, I even drove it down to Monterey, CA last weekend - 1500mi round trip! I'm going through tuning steps with the ECU and it's pretty much set as far as daily drivabilty goes. Cold start, cold idle, warm up, low and medium throttle driving and transitions are all good, it works well enough that my 15yr old driver-in-training can drive it without issue.

I have *some* full-throttle work done as well, insofar as it's safe to floor it and run it to 6200rpm (while the engine will make useful power to 7000rpm+, I aim to fully tune it before adding the last 1000rpm). I also am running "only" 14PSI and will add the other 4PSI or so sometime later....probably after dyno tuning. Current tune is a fast daily drvier but not track day ready yet.

I am currently chasing a too-rich when quickly floored issue - the WolfEMS has more than one area to fine tune enrichment, so it's just a matter of taking the time. If you roll into the throttle and take maybe a full second or so to go from cruise to full throttle, there's no hesitation and the car just takes off. Jump on it and you get a pause.....THEN it blasts off.

The Monterey trip confirmed my turbo sizing (GT2554's) works *exactly* as hoped. At 65MPH in 5th, rolling into the throttle there's 5PSI of boost available, and by 85MPH it's passing 10PSI. We did a lot of cruising in the 70-80MPH and at no time for passing or hills or anything else was a downshift even remotely necessary. Pics and video to follow soon. No, really this time... :)

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