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Re: VG30DETT 510

Post by datsunscom » 29 Sep 2017 07:45

Thanks! I'm actually working on making this my 100% daily driver like it was back in ...oh hell, long time ago. Yesterday I was going through pictures and the list of changes from when it was initially a TT to now is kind of staggering

recirc valves
ECU (including going from MAF to MAP - mainly for engine bay clearance issues)
intercoolers and plumbing (much straighter runs)
exhaust manifolds
wideband O2's

Also, the wastegates will be controlled by the ECU and not the Greddy Profec-B I used to run. In its current state of tune I am letting the wastegates open at whatever the springs in them allow (8psi per the latest logging) and I have the rev limiter set to 5500rpm...and I have a story about that.

Something I learned about MAP systems the hard way. With MAF and carburetors, if you have a vacuum leak the engine will typically run rough. In a MAP car if you do something dumb like say, leave the VG30DE balance tube unsecured so there's a huge vacuum leak, the MAP system sees the air and adds fuel in the appropriate proportion. When I first fired this car up a couple months ago, as soon as it fired up it went to redline (7500rpm!) without me doing anything. Freaked out, I set the rev limiter to 2000rpm and fired the car up ran right into the limiter. I checked idle and other settings in the ECU (WolfEMS, to recap) and found nothing amiss (it comes with a base 300ZXTT map, and mine was that just scaled for bigger injectors). After some poking around, I found I hadn't fully bolted down the balance tube! Bolt it down and presto....controllable throttle. I then set the limiter to 5500rpm and drove around just to be sure, and I simply haven't felt the need to raise it yet.

Even with a 5500rpm limit and just 8psi of boost it's probably as fast as it was n/a VG30DE...still breaks 'em loose in 1st and 2nd if I choose to be stupid. Once I get the diff back in the car I'll create a walkaround then drive video.

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Re: VG30DETT 510

Post by Byron510 » 30 Sep 2017 07:29

Dave, this car and build has always been an inspiration for me, and I'm sure others as well. It's just such a cool project and it's survived for so many years having really been driven.
It was also great to see you again this year at Canby.
Daily driving the car I too think that would be a great idea. Wish I could do the same myself through the summer. One day :-)

Keep the photos coming, look forward to the video.

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