Mary-Ann, stock one-owner 1972 Wagon

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Re: Mary-Ann, stock one-owner 1972 Wagon

Post by qwik510 » 05 Jan 2013 05:36

DownShiftRecords wrote:I just got back from my Maryland to Chicago to New York road trip and I found this at the door :D
Time to start reading!



Happy New Year. Was the road trip in the 510?

Glad you got the book. It will be very helpful.
Enjoy The Ride!

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Re: Mary-Ann, stock one-owner 1972 Wagon

Post by DownShiftRecords » 15 Jan 2013 14:11

qwik510 wrote:Happy New Year. Was the road trip in the 510?
It was good! Didn't take the 510 though, didn't want to take it on the 27 hour journey. Took the Ford Fiesta instead and the trip was a trip of a lifetime!

I just bought a new 32/36 DGV weber conversion kit today. Hopefully it comes in before I leave for Daytona on the 22.

In the meantime, as goichi1 stated
goichi1 wrote:I would also get an electronic dizzy too, that's a really good improvement over the stock points.
I'm reading up on electronic dizzies which will most likely be the next purchase when I get back from Daytona. qwik510 recommended "an electronic distributor from a later Datsun like the 77-79 200SX or 78-79 HL510 or a Datsun Truck" so the hunt for that comes after the Rolex 24 Hour in Daytona.

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