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Last Solo2 event of the year - and a fun one!

Postby DADZSUN » 02 Oct 2017 05:56

Quickly the 510 season is wrapping up.
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The car has seen lots of action, bike outings, various 'chores' throughout the city, and a few Solo2 outings.
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So far we've put a little over 5000km on her this year, hopefully another 1000km before she gets parked for the winter.

This past weekend we participated in the's Solo2 season finale ( ... -reminder/). This one had a twist in that we started late morning and drove through to 10PM! It was a nice challenge to throw the car around in the dark, on a lot that was cooler/more slippery.
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My oldest son has probably put more KMs on the car this season than I. He's taken it to a good 1/2 dozen car shows, quite a bit of cruising & commuting, and consistently nagging me to go autocross.
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This was his 6th or 7th event now, and by far his best. He's getting much smoother with inputs - although he did have a nice high speed slalom spin on his 2nd run. :lol:
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He's about 4 sec off my time which is a nice improvement, but still far enough away that the trash talk has yet to appear. :wink:
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I remain about ~3-4s off FTD (
Solo2Dusk.jpg (193.39 KiB) Viewed 88 times

I've now had a few years with the 510 and various Solo2 outings to acclimate to it's traits. While there's still some minor adjustments that prove a bit of gain, I think it's now time to 'tweak' the 510 to close that 3s FTD gap and make future AutoX outings more competitive. Adding to the motivation of 510 role-change is my son getting good enough to handle a more serious setup (and being totally addicted to Solo2), and most importantly project 280z is anticipated to take over cruising/lite DD duties this coming spring.
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Thankfully, the changes don't have to be too extreme to claw back at least 2-3s. With Project 280z getting 15" down the road, I now have a spare set of Cheviot 14x7 ET0 rims that will nicely fit the 510 along with a set of 205/55R14 Hankook Ventus Z214 (vs the 195/60R14 Azenis I'm now sporting). A proper bucket seat, and custom harness bar and simply more consistent outings/seat time will also add to my pace. Switching to the 240sx OEM EFI will add a bit more useable low-end torque. Maybe a brake booster, stainless lines, and proportioning valve to help with braking performance.

... and that's about it for Phase 1. All of it is a reasonable investment for a relatively large 'bang-for-the-buck'. All the changes will be reverseable and not so extreme that the 510 will drive no different on the street. Suspension-wise there's lots of adjustment left on the current Tokicos Illuminas to handle the R compound extra grip. The existing R160 CLSD should be able to handle the 205cm R compounds and KA24e torque, and camber plates have lots of adjustment to help the front bite.
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'72 Datsun 510 - KA24E/R1 carbs/EDIS 4 Megajolt
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