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CV w/integrated Subie R180 STI stubs

Posted: 01 Dec 2018 14:32
Yes, another post about CVs. Hopefully nobody's getting sick of them. :lol:

R180_2.jpg (426.88 KiB) Viewed 244 times

This latest version will remain on my personal build so it does follow the original objective to this thread. As soon as the web site is live (ETA Jan 1st) I'm hoping to open a separate thread that will house details exclusive to Datsun Restomods products. That doesn't mean that the development of potentially future products won't first appear on this or my 280Z thread - in fact one product is being test fitted on my 280z (thread to be revived soon) and another PL510/S30 project starts over Christmas. :wink:

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This version of CV is not yet officially for sale, only one other 'tester' will be privy to a set in the coming weeks. Integrated stubs, vs adapter flanges, require a bit of a different think on how it's reliably fastened to the housing. Specifically, I like to have redundancy and enough engineering to ensure that it at least meets OEM R160 stub strength (the CV itself is beefy enough to handle LOTS - those who've seen can confirm).

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With clip-in stubs it only needs 4 bolts to fasten each axle - it took maybe 10min per side? :D

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I managed to get about 100km on the 510 today, it was awesome! With EFI I'm determined to enjoy my 510 throughout the winter so long as the roads are dry and not too cold. As I get older I realize I'm running out of track and am not longer patient enough to deprive myself of personal joys for 5+ months.

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My 510 is really starting to get really sorted out. What a freaking joy to drive! Next up is the steering and I'm *really* looking forward to installing JB Coachwerks' front end. I LOVE seeing these specialty shops come out with cool shit. JB Coachwerks, Hoke Performance, and Skillard Automotive are all examples that I hope Datsun Restomods can one day be mentioned in the same conversation. is now live

Posted: 10 Jan 2019 14:46
eCommerce site is up.

See add in classified:

Re: Noobie's 510 project

Posted: 10 Jan 2019 19:06
by Fred_L-P
Congrats Fritz, this is awesome! I saved it to my favorites :wink:

Re: Noobie's 510 project

Posted: 10 Jan 2019 19:45
Thanks Fred. A few more super-cool items coming to in 2019!

Sneak peeks will be in this thread and my 280z build -