East side 510

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Re: East side 510

Post by PoorMtnKid » 14 Sep 2012 09:31

Great looking car. I love the body color when the wheel color. When you paint are you going to keep the same color?
looking for pass. side arm rest

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Re: East side 510

Post by Crevier » 14 Sep 2012 12:44

S15DET wrote:Try softening the rear shocks if they are adjustable. Great car. I bet it's a blast with the SR20DE! I often wonder if I should have gone that route. Any plans for ITB's?

My rear coilover are not adjustable... Will try the LSD first!

As for the ITB, yes i have them in the plans but I dont know how to tune them... Not the oem ecu will be used i think... Any recommendation on which ITB to use? Ecu?

Yes if th car is repainted it will be the exact same color!

The way the car handle, power band, exhaust sound ahhhh its the best car i ever built!

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Re: East side 510

Post by brknrekord » 14 Sep 2012 13:38

okayfine wrote:LSD.
two_68_510s wrote:I tried that 200 times and I was still hopping! :wink:

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Re: East side 510

Post by benoit1156 » 14 Sep 2012 13:40

Nice pic at Autodrome St-Eustache !!!

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Re: East side 510

Post by DADZSUN » 17 Sep 2012 17:26

Seriously gorgeous car!

I admit that I'm partial... your car's twin brother is just 2 hours away in Ottawa (same color, camber plates, wheel and tire sizes etc...). Heck, I even have a brand new set of 195/60/14 Azenis 615Ks ready to mount this week. :lol:

Apparently they both enjoy the track as well. The first picture is from Scotia Bank Place Solo2 last weekend and the second is from the Picton Solo2 yesterday.

Solo2-Sep_8_2012_2.jpg (97.4 KiB) Viewed 734 times
Picton.jpg (248.21 KiB) Viewed 739 times
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