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Post by D510 » 17 Oct 2003 23:06

we ground off all the rust (but not the rockers) and we sanded, primed, sanded preped painted.

there is a dog leg 5 speed in the car now. is sounds so funny. and some clutch i can;t remember what it is. anyway it puts lots of power to the ground. (had fun with that).

put on MY lebra's so it looks sweet. we only put them on for the cruise tomorrow, which we are not going to becuase we don;t trust the car

Blew the heater hose today. fixed that. and the clutch slave is gone. i think cam and tobie are going to replace that tonight.

just a update. so its not my car, i do almost as much work on it as cam does. i beleave the 5 speed was the only thing on ALL of cams cars i didn;t help or be involed with in some way.
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Post by ///FiveOneOh » 18 Oct 2003 16:18

roadster clutch,.

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Post by Boaty » 18 Oct 2003 18:51

( on the Clutches subject...)

Is there any DIRECT BOLT ON clutch that is better than a stock clutch? Mine seems to be slipping as of late, and I'm sure the clutch has +50,000 miles of ROUGH driving. (My brother has a heaver foot than I do. LOTS of slippage.)

I would just like to know for future reference.
I heard a lot about roadter clutches. Are they BETTER? are they DIRECT BOLT ON? (NO MODS!)

Should I Just get a Centerforce clutch? (if avail..)
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