any 510 men in the portland area?

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any 510 men in the portland area?

Post by brownevan » 21 Nov 2012 14:46

(posted in introductions also, fellow member suggested i re-post it here)

Hey, I just picked up a 510 4 door, and will be needing some help assembling and garaging the car over the next 6 months or so. The car is all there, pretty much, it just needs the elbow grease to get it going and i am an amateur mechanic; short of the engine/tranny swap I could probably get it all in the car, but i just moved across the country and don't have a garage. I was run over by a truck on foot in nyc; i ended up leaving town and starting over back home, here in portland. after half a year in the hospital, im going back and forth to nyc a lot for the lawsuit, and just wont have time/tools/garage to wrench the car for a couple months. i picked up the car. or paid for it at least and will be getting it either to store in a garage or next to a pole barn on my parents farm for a minute!

it has fully adjustable camber plates, lower control arms welded and sleeved but needs strut inserts and springs for the front struts, and coilovers for the rear. the car is in good shape and just needs assembled. no rust, painted, sealed, 240sx A24E sohc engine , 5 speed tranny there, turbo w/manifold, ecu, LSD diff, 3/4's of a fully adjustable suspension rig, huge custom compression rods, brakes need finished, brand new wheels, most of a naked but drivable interior, all hand picked trim and glass.

needs suspension finished and car assembled, no wiring harness or bumpers, and rear end connected. huge project but im coming into a lump sum of money in a couple months and have some income now to throw at the car right now; its going outside, like i said if i cant find a garage/mechanic to take her in

I am not really concerned about the total cost of the car at this point. i'm trying to spend a few grand and get it on the road; that would be ideal, and I have been talking to a few people about the limitations of my budget. i will get the car built by summer, even if i have to store it for 4-6 months before I can start work on it; at home, or dropped off somewhere.

If this intrigues you guys and you have any insight/advice, let me know! I'll be picking up the car on saturday and will be driving it to my property in scappoose if I have to, any cheap datsun mechanics in the area would be much appreciated


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Re: any 510 men in the portland area?

Post by redwiggler » 07 Jan 2013 19:03

I am semi retired 510 mechanic living in Cottage Grove. I run a small farm now. Hope your back will heal ok. I'm 140 miles south of Portland. Let me know what questions you have about your 510. Christopher ,known as redwiggler

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