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Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 16 Dec 2014 20:48
by sycklash
I have a few things to say.

I picked up my color! 2008 Corvette 'Atomic Orange'. It looks SO much better in person.
(just a bit of it to paint jambs + engine bay though)
The only thing left to do now is pick up some silver mini-flake so I can add that extra bit of zing when we actually spray some color in the next few weeks.
Getting mini flake has been proven to be a bit of a hardship here in Canada however, but I'm still hoping to be able to get some.

Got my shoulders as sore as ever hurrying up with bodywork on the 510.

just so my buddy could spray some super fancy high-build with his fancy primer gun tonight.
Ended up putting 3 coats on, and then spraying a light black guide coat overtop to help with the blocking.
The doors, trunk, dashpad, front valance, gasdoor, entire shell(quarters,rockers,roof, etc etc) are now looking pretty straight.

Plan is to let it harden for the next two days, so that means I can do things not body-related such as install gas pedal + cut holes for cable, cut up parts car for strut tower tops, reem out a couple holes, fix a botched repairjob by the PO I just found, and ther small things.

I found a 280zx I'm hopefully going to be able to rob the struts + rear brake set-up off of as well! Just hoping the owner doesn't flake out as he really wants to sell the whole car.

Took the front crossmember + control arms to get blasted the other day and got them back and painted! what a difference that + a nice coat of paint made.

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 22 Dec 2014 21:17
by sycklash
Engine bay + jambs are almost done, meaning they're just about ready for paint.
I only need to drill holes for the throttlecable now, and smear some spot putty on a couple places and resand the engine bay after a new coat of highbuild.
Got one of the biggest things left to do to it, started + finished today.



Finally fixed the strut towers from where the original owner cut it up to have adjustable camber. Mind you, it left my parts car like this:

Now it's slammed on the ground hahaha.

I also finished my dashpad + got it painted(looks factoryish now too!).
I was going to paint up my centerpiece with the gaugepod, but my dog ended up hurting herself so i ran out of time to work today.

Due to the holidays I probably won't get a coat of paint on the enginebay + jambs until just before new years(here's hoping), but I'll be spraying some high-build primer on the engine bay tomorrow night regardless.

The car is 95% blocksanded as well, and needs only a few more spots touched up with spot putty, before another coat of highbuild is applied to the entire car and it should be straight.
Fender's still need to be fixed so I'm taking them to someone I trust more than myself to get finished up.
I'm hopefully selling my 260z to my buddy, which'll free up money for a new clutch + sr20/rhd centerlink and idler arm which will be ordered asap haha.

Also, on a side note.
I knew where there were a few cars sitting in the woods about five minutes from my second garage today with my father, and found six b110s, and one 521. There's plenty of parts to salvage off them, but i didn't bring any tools as this was a last minute decision on the way back home.
However, I did rob a couple of these which I thought was neat as I've never seen or heard of them before.

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 03 Jan 2015 21:35
by sycklash
After a few days of prepping, me and my good buddy had a long night tonight.
Finally got a coat of paint of engine bay + jambs!!!
In person, I cannot get over how beautiful the paint is.





and my personal favorite,

Looking at the engine bay, I've noticed quite a few things I could of spent more time on, but overall i think it turned out nice.

The plan now is to let it dry for the next day with the stove going nonstop, and then put the doors and trunk back on.
I'm going to start assembling all the small things I can now, in preperation of putting the motor/tranny back in.
The motor and tranny are going to take a little extra time to go in as I ordered a clutch for a KA24 by accident, because I'm retarded and have to order one for an SR20 right away so I can put it together before the motor and tranny go in for the last time.
Fenders are currently off getting fixed as they were trash, and then body will be finished and transported to Halifax where I will get a coat of paint put on it in the next little while! Can't wait!

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 04 Jan 2015 01:10
by Byron510
Damn - doesn't paint feel satisfying?

Interesting colour, I think it would grow on me. Bu we'll wait for the natural light photos to really kick off the colour.

Happy New Year’s :-)


Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 06 Jan 2015 20:47
by sycklash
It's quite a breath of fresh air to see paint on it actually haha, so tired of looking at primer. Body's next !!
and I was aiming for something a little different. I was actually REALLY hoping to get some mini-flake in it, but that was a failed attempt haha.

Some more work done tonight!
Put the fire on, and got the trunk put on + aligned, door's painted black on the inside, one inner-fender taped off + repainted with rockguard, struts cleaned up + repainted(since I'll be using them until I can afford coilovers haha), gas pedal + throttle cable reinstalled, brake + clutch master cylinders put on, cleaned up the dash somewhat so I can tear it apart again tomorrow, cleaned up + painted bunch of bolts and small pieces like the door pieces to make everything go better when it comes time to install whatever.
The biggest job I accomplished tonight was finally organizing half of the parts I have in the garage haha. Ended up filling two boxes full of stuff that I can take out to the camp because I won't be needing it anymore for the car. I just need to fit the doors back on, and put the motor/tranny in, and I'll have most of the room I need in the garage again haha! can't wait.
Once I get the doors put on, I just need to wait for the fenders to come back, so we can do one final coat of primer, sand it down and we're shipping the car off to get painted at my buddies.
Until then, theres a ton of things to do, such as prepare the motor to go in for the last time, install the heater, clean up the rear windshield, bring home all the seals/rubbers + purchase the ones i need so those can get installed asap, etc etc.
I'm trying to get as much done as I can, because there's a chance I might be going away for a while for work, just far enough I can't come home and work on the old datsun every weekend, so it's putting a little pressure on me to work whenever I can.

anywho, here's a couple pictures.


Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 13 Jan 2015 20:46
by sycklash
It's been super cold, and I got thrown on the first part of my leadership course so I've been super busy... HOWEVER, I managed to get some work done tonight!

I managed to get the doors on(and fitment was mostly good right away. quite surprising lol), flywheel cleaned and ready to go on(just need right socket so I can torque everything properly) because my clutch came in today!
I also started cleaning up my heater pieces + painted a few bits so that can go in before the motor + tranny. Sad part is though, that the faceplate for the heater controls broke as soon as I picked it up... amazing it was that brittle because I was gentle.
I ordered new door + windshield rubbers! I think my old rear is good enough to reuse so that's a plus. Also waiting on the proper transmission mount for the transmission crossmember.
My plan is for the next time I'm able to go over is to actually put the heater in, and then reinstall my wiring harness so I can get ready for the SR harness.
I also tore the dash apart tonight, cleaned it up, and then put it inside the house so it doesn't get filthy like it was before.

I still need to sell my 260z so I can have some cash to order extra parts... I'm also debating on selling my factory 510 tach and a few other rare pieces I have to fund this more :P.
Datsun parts are rare/expensive enough as it is, but adding in the RHD factor just adds so much hassle + extra expenses to get it from overseas haha.
I still need to get an idler arm + center-link. Haven't heard anything from maddat so I'm thinking I may have to look elsewhere. I need to finish up my steering so it'll be easy to move the car when we go to take it for paint.


It feels good to have some of the panels on because I was getting tired of seeing it completely bare haha.
Can't wait to get the fenders back so I can drill holes and mount the fender mirrors!

I'd also like your opinions. Should I repaint the hood flat black, or paint it body color?
I was leaning towards flat black but I honestly don't even know anymore.

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 14 Jan 2015 05:57
by okayfine
Body color!! All that trouble to paint the car, it needs a matching hood.

And, if you absolutely have to have flat black on the hood, get it vinyl-wrapped after the paint has cured. Way easier to paint the whole car than try to find some matching paint down the road if you decide you want to spray the hood.

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 14 Jan 2015 06:59
by TheHeretic
I concur with okayfine. I think the flat black hood will take away from the beautiful color you just layed on the car. Paint it body color! :)

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 16 Jan 2015 13:05
by sycklash
I guess it'll be the plan to paint it body color for now then haha!

I'm off to live in tents for the next few days for work, so I won't get any progress done, but I managed to pull this off.

and I've already screwed around with the wiring a bit to route out where it's going and such(for the most part)
Glad to have the motor and tranny as I can really start putting some crucial pieces back together! such as the steering and heater, and wiring harness.

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 26 Jan 2015 21:21
by sycklash
big snowstorm hitting tomorrow, so I won't be able to head to the garage to work,
but I got my fenders back, and test fitted on (fit perfectly)!
My motor is sitting at a weird angle(to me), but it may be normal because the hood clears and everything. I'm using T3 crossmember with a Z mount and mckinney motor mounts. It looks like the front is a little bit high.
I marked where the hole for the fender mirrors is going but I never got the time to actually drill it yet.
Another weird thing was I tore my struts apart to find out they swapped on Z strut tops with custom plates so they could have adjustable camber(car used to be a race car from georgia back in the 80s/90s). It was such a weird setup. Anyways, I stole some spare tops I had from my 510 parts car and threw on so I could get the car back on the ground.
Just ordered idler arm assembly for it too and that should be the last piece I need before I can steer again because it looks like my center link will clear!

I was talking to my friend and I really need to finish up the body so we can ship it out for paint. Now that we have the fenders back I can finally do some finishing touchs + sanding, then reprime the car and just wait until I can send it over to the booth. The more I think about it, the more horny I get to want to see it painted asap.
here's a quick pic!


Also met up with a huge datsun enthusiast here in Nova Scotia named Ross the other day. me and rogerson(building the 510 from PEI), went over and seen what all he had! (complete warehouse of parts. dreamworthy lol). We only got a few odds and ends though but couple neccessary things! Hoping to get back there sometime so I can buy some 280zx struts + a couple other odds and ends.

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 27 Jan 2015 05:56
by okayfine
If your trans isn't hitting the stock tunnel along the top then you're probably going to have vibration issues at speed due to u-joints being in their unhappy places. The slope of your valve cover doesn't look too bad in that picture, but it's hard to tell with that as a guide. I don't have a picture with a comparable angle to share, and I haven't seen a pic in your thread here showing the trans mounted or the trans hole enlarged.

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 27 Jan 2015 14:18
by andrew.lori
I bought a 510 from Ross.

Top Notch Guy. You should also meet his buddy Brad he to has a 510 and various other Datsun's.


Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 27 Jan 2015 18:15
by sycklash
okayfine wrote:If your trans isn't hitting the stock tunnel along the top then you're probably going to have vibration issues at speed due to u-joints being in their unhappy places. The slope of your valve cover doesn't look too bad in that picture, but it's hard to tell with that as a guide. I don't have a picture with a comparable angle to share, and I haven't seen a pic in your thread here showing the trans mounted or the trans hole enlarged.

Here's some pictures for reference.


Looks a bit off to me but I don't know these cars that well yet haha.

If it is off, what would be best route to raise the rear?

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 27 Jan 2015 18:32
by bertvorgon
It depends...what you have to do is measure the angle of the tail shaft flange on the transmission.. measure the angle of the differential flange....

Ideally you want to be within 1 degree or less. I have mine at .5 and have no high speed vibration issues. ... Angles.pdf

Re: My 71 510 budget SR20DET build

Posted: 27 Jan 2015 19:38
by JordanTr
+1, you want it higher for sure. I ended up shimming the transmission mount (under the trans) to raise the tail up to improve the driveline angle. While you're there, clearance the tunnel so that the two chunks that stick out from the rear of the trans don't rattle on the tunnel. To clearance the nubs, I used a grinder to cut 2 vertical slots and pulled the metal out into the footwell a bit so the trans can move back and forth without rattling.

The nubs just below the shift plate seen here.


Looking good! :D