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Mikes 71 Flared SR20DET GT3 Pure Orange Beast

Posted: 12 Feb 2020 12:00
by cartel
This is an x- westwood B sedan car- amazingly clean body- While the unflared car i have - Pumpkin Pie-- this is going to be the outside pumpkin orange- Halloween beast. I saw a orange 510 back at Shasta in the early 90s and always wanted one that color..
I decided that a 300+ HP SR was a bit overkill for an unflared car and have decided to keep the pumpkin L series-- it will likely get the SU's changed out for dual 44s sometime this year - but now the focus is on this car.. and a friend saw it and decided he needed one as well - so building 2 almost identical cars-- One will be Grey and the other is GT3 RS orange.

I had stripped the car with the intention of going vintage racing-- it has all the right BRE parts- but i realize i dont really need TWO race cars - Its being built so that i can take it to track days with "regular" folk ,and it may make its way to Area 27 at some point.

The Plan thus far:
strip body- sandblast- built a dolly -
SR20DET, Manley rods- Wiseco pistons, Link Ecu, I/C from Cxracing- then modified. Still learning how to TIG aluminum so this is giving me some needed practice.
Subie 4.44 CLutch R180 , DSS CV shafts, Lightweight flywheel- ALum driveshaft- ACT 400hp clutch
DP racing offset camber plates- coilovers- Koni race inserts, 8" x 300 lb front hypercoils
JBC crossmember and escort rack and pinion
Heim TC rods and Lower a-arms- TIlton/DP racing swaybars were already on the car
Rear is Bryons brackets with DP racing inner monoballs- - its got weight jackers and coilover rear shocks so can pick between-
rear starting with 6 x 1100 lb hypercoils with the DP coilover spring conversion for the rear a arms

the entire body was mostly seam welded back in 1971-- so just needs cleaning up - the fuel cell i took out was dated 1972-- so its been a race car most of its life.

Made a battery box and sunk in the trunk as others have done-- braced trunk floor with 3/4 x 1.5" Square tubing for the EFI tank-- Originally was going to put a race cell in it but the Mustang EFI tank fits so well that its in both cars.

Welded up all the "additional" holes from years of racing..

my first "real" 510 after having 15+ mild modified ones-- was Vances x-GT4 car that he won the canadian nationals in in like 1982? Had the specialty airdam for a while then changed to the spook--

then the pictures of this car on arrival day-- then stripping it

im playing with picture hosting -- my dropbox is almost out of the free storage-- and cant figure out how to get the amazon hosted image to load embedded..
so using PS to reformat for web-- less painful that dropbox

Re: Mikes 71 Flared SR20DET GT3 Pure Orange Beast

Posted: 13 Feb 2020 17:09
by cartel
Disassembly-- and 2 gallons of paint stripper before sending off to the blaster.

Re: Mikes 71 Flared SR20DET GT3 Pure Orange Beast

Posted: 13 Feb 2020 17:15
by cartel
door-stripping-web.jpg (305.53 KiB) Viewed 194 times
found the original purple under the blue-- and then back from the blaster

Re: Mikes 71 Flared SR20DET GT3 Pure Orange Beast

Posted: 14 Feb 2020 09:28
by cartel
Engine bay prep done and primed -- time to go to bodyshop for borrowing booth for paint-- if it wasnt bright orange i might paint it at work or roll it outside but its not really warm enough outside for that yet.
Using SPI black epoxy on top of bare blasted sheetmetal - then seam sealer -
decided that i want some other protection so put a extremely light coat of european texture on top then doing the paint

- when the car was originally built they painted the whole chassis an off white- all the floors and inside was painted-- In trying to closely match this color i found Porsche "chalk" for the lower portion- almost identical to the color it was - and fitting as the exterior is porsche pure orange-
could have done all orange but for some reason part of me wants to build it like it was .

Heater hoses relocated to come out just under SR intake- will be a AN bulkhead fitting like used for AC--
and the large hole is for the Wiring Specialties EFI harness
Wilwood pedal setup under dash with all the master cylinders so no firewall holes

Re: Mikes 71 Flared SR20DET GT3 Pure Orange Beast

Posted: 14 Feb 2020 11:35
by RMS
what a great starting point