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Post by dynobones » 14 Nov 2003 07:51

jasonx, are you still there? I'm just throwing daggers at the dark cause I don't know yer situation. If you have room to store junk yer better off, alot can be done in a junkyard. Ebay or used bookstores have cheap manuals, get 510 ones, plus like chiltons for example datsun/nissan 200sx,240sx,510,610,710,810,maxima'73to'89, there you can see tables on engine specifics over a # of years, plus alternators efi's and carb's.It is best to keep researching to find what you want in the end before spending alot of quid, junkyards have alot of z/e 4 cyl. engines still in cars and trucks, same with gearboxes, rear ends, you can build motors that really go from salvage and parts from many #'s of different years, it is all very fun and confusing at first, then it gets worse. Just keep asking questions. Are you mechanically apt?
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