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Re: Shiny Like A New Dime

Postby BrianE » 17 May 2017 18:09

The weather and my schedule finally aligned (no pun intended) and allowed for me to visit "The Line-Up Shop" in SE Portland to have the 510's front end alignment looked at. It's an old school shop that by all appearances, has been around for a long long time. They do accept and evaluate vehicles with modified suspensions. That said, in the case of my 510 they observed the following....

Total Toe before 3/8" in, after 1/32" in

Left side Camber before 0, after 0

Right side Camber: before 1/2-, after 3/8"-

Left Caster before 1 3/4+, after 1 7/8+

Right Caster before: 1 1/2+, after 1 3/4" +

The correction of the "Toe" seemed to absolve the twitchiness that I was experiencing at Fwy speeds and or on irregular road surfaces here in the PDX / Vancouver region. Upon my returning home (via I 205) I happened to look down at the Speedo on what had been a particularly "dicey" segment of Fwy and realized I was going 80mph with nary a twitch at the steering wheel : )

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