money tight won't be doing V8 conversion

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Post by turbo510sss » 11 Jan 2004 23:49

well money is tight and won't be able to do the V8 swap going to do a L18 turbo swap though so I will be able to maybe have my 510 done buy the end of this summer maybe have motor done and most of the body work and role cage done should have pic of the motor being build soon on my website link below.

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Post by ///FiveOneOh » 12 Jan 2004 01:47

sweet! personaly I like the sound of Turbo L18 more then V8 anyways :P


Post by turbo510sss » 12 Jan 2004 01:59

///FiveOneOh wrote:sweet! personaly I like the sound of Turbo L18 more then V8 anyways :P

Yea I like the sound of a turbo. I was next to a 3000Gt today and was listeing to him change gears and that blow off valvue make noise makes me want to build it and the sound if the turbo winding up as he went threw the rpms. Also 510rob is helping me out alot with all the questions I have on doing the turbo motor so that helps me alot. But I am still going to have the love and pashion for the sound that a V8 makes. but I still love the sound of a turbo winding and the blow off valvue. I can't wait to build the motor for the next datsun car show and taking it to the track. shouldhave pics of the porject in the next few month on my website so check that soon for details on the swap and pics.

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Post by Boaty » 14 Jan 2004 16:15

Ever considered a v8 with a supercharger? Don't forget, those sound damned nice as well.. and a v8 wouldn't have much trouble turning a couple turbo's, either... then you could have V8, WITH TURBO'S!

Or you could buy one of those weird ass blow-off valve imitators that fit in your exhaust tip. Hehe, I ALMOST BOUGHT ONE! I wanna fuck with the ricers. It's FUN.

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Post by turbo510sss » 15 Jan 2004 00:25

Yea I thought about a supercharged V8 and a turbo'd one but I like the Idea of a turbo'd L18 for now maybe when I get my datsun 1200 when my 510 is done I can put V8 in that one we will see when the timecomes.

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