Don't be in a hurry..

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Don't be in a hurry..

Postby DannyQ » 19 Feb 2004 11:02

update, alot of you will get a kick out of this...

in my haste to get my car up and going and having no budget :cry:

Without any prior experience I decided in my infinte wisdom to build myself a custom oil pan for my ka24e swap in my 510.

It all started off really well (probably could've used thinner metal though) Got to use a plasma cutter, cut up a flange, sides, bottom etc...

Tacked it all up, fit well on the engine, modified a pickup tube, seemed that it was goig to be alright... Then like I said I got a little ancy to get it done :oops: Rather than taking it to somebody with a tig, I opted to weld it up myself with the oxy/acetylene torches, thats when I got carried away...

Impressed with my "puddle pushing" technique I proceded to weld the sides to the flange in a almost continuous bead.....HOLY FUCKIN" WARP.....
Yes I do know about the effects that heat has on metal :(
Wasn't till I was almost done that I realised how bad I fucked up :oops:

So I sit the pan back on the block and I gat a .5" gap at the front with the back sitting square.

Looking for a clock kit.......

So rather than screw around any more I'm ordering the proper sway bar from Spreadbury or MAD DAT..

To anyone reading this post to this point... Don't make a "horny to get it done" mistake like I did and take your time(because I actually do know better<honest>)

Planning to build a turbo manifold...stay tuned,


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Postby Byron510 » 19 Feb 2004 20:30

good thing you weren't doing it in stainless - the problems are 10 times worse, and then it would crack... all over... every weld!
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