New Bearings

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New Bearings

Post by fiveanddime » 07 Mar 2004 14:20

I got new bearings for the stub axles in the rear trailing arms.So the ? is the new bearings have a dust seal on both sides.In my manuals it tells me to pack grease aroung the spacer.Do i need to do that,because of the dust seals and would it do any damage if i did put grease in the space around the spacer,because the grease has no where to go?

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Post by dynobones » 07 Mar 2004 15:03

I put mine in just like they came, the stockers had only one side sealed, new ones are totally sealed, the shouls last quite a while the way they are. How'd you make out getting the stub nuts off? I used a huge impact at work, they were on there real good on mine.
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Post by Byron510 » 07 Mar 2004 20:58

The dust seals should be removed on the inside, where the bearings face each other. If packed with grease, the bearings will last longer, as there is more grease to help deal with the heat on long hauls. I'm curious as to how long the bearing will last with only the internally packed grease? Keep us posted if there are any issues in time Dyno (I'm hoping not, cause it's a real pain in the but to change!).
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