Oil pump upgrade L or Z series

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Oil pump upgrade L or Z series

Post by Edm620 » 14 May 2020 06:57

Following up on a discussion with Byron re: increased volume/pressure for an oil pump on my Z24 build, I have confirmed with Melling the following:
M90 pump has a lower volume output, while the M111 & M152 pumps flow the same rate of 2 gallons/min @ 491 RPM. The M152 pump however has a 10psi higher bypass setting. Somewhere on the web I'd read that the M152 had a higher flow of 2.25 gal/min however Melling states that is incorrect.
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Re: Oil pump upgrade L or Z series

Post by bertvorgon » 14 May 2020 07:56

Know that you can shim the pump yourself too. I made a thin washer "shim" to up the pressure a bit. It does NOT take much of a width increase to up the pressure. I did that on mine as I have the spray bar and turbo to feed, besides the engine.

There are a few passages than can be cleaned up in there also, which can only help with flow.
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