Turbo weber 32/36 questions(blow through)

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Re: Turbo weber 32/36 questions(blow through)

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Incidentally, I just looked up Grose Jets and found a neat little story about it...

https://jimsgarage.wordpress.com/2006/0 ... grose-jet/
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Re: Turbo weber 32/36 questions(blow through)

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That is an interesting story!

I did still have my Grose jet, in my carb supplies, which I spotted when I went to see Paul last week or so.

I have told this story before, that my fuel supply issue was the fact that my fuel lines and pump could not supply the VOLUME of fuel required.

Thanks Rob!
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Re: Turbo weber 32/36 questions(blow through)

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bertvorgon wrote: 14 Jul 2021 09:46 hey, hope your doing ok!

No, I never felt I had to mess with the emulsion tubes, just the air corrector jets.

I would maybe say your fuel jet in the primary is maybe too rich to start with ?

That is the one problem with our blow through systems is that the carb does NOT sense AIR DENSITY CHANGE, as air pressure builds above the throttle(s)

Maybe try going down on the primary jet, then see what it does...then decrease the air corrector jet, as that starts to effect as RPM builds and the top end richens just before the secondary opens.
Okay great will do thanks!!
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