L-series engine gaskets

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Re: L-series engine gaskets

Post by abisel » 22 May 2016 21:27

Well, The Datsooooon is running again.

I went with the ITM head gasket but noticed that the silicon type coating would rub off under your fingers, so I removed all of it with lacquer thinner and then applied a thin coat of K&W Copper Coat. With the ARP head studs it went together like a dream.

Assembly was like this:
  • Head gasket.
    Head with the inner two nuts torqued to 20 ft-lbs. All the rest of the head nuts were tightened just beyond hand tight.
    Assemble timing chain components. Timing marks are good and chain tensioner is fully compressed.
    Install timing cover with dowel pins and torqued timing cover bolts. No head gasket damage this time, but then the oil pan had been removed and that makes it much easier to install the timing cover.
    Torqued all head nuts to 60 ft-lbs at 10 ft-lb increments with 10-15 minutes between torquing.
    Install oil pan. Don't really like the NIssan oil pan gasket. It squeezed out a little with torquing the oil pan bolts.
    Install exhaust manifold and intake manifold.
    Install all the other stuff.
Initial running is strong and put about 50 miles on it with no leaks so far.

So all is good. We shall see once it gets run-in some more.

Now I got to do something about the transmission. It is a '77 280Z transmission that has throw-out bearing whine and the clutch disengagement is at the top of the pedal. Gonna have to find an '83 gear box.

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