excessive oil out of block breather 2.0

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excessive oil out of block breather 2.0

Post by Dimes4Life » 20 Apr 2016 15:50

A few days ago I noticed the smell of oil burning as I drove...saw smoke coming from shifter tunnel.. inspected n found burnt hose that goes from a K&n beather tank to lower breather tube. The pressure of oil coming out of lower brearher tube blew off the hose and that's why it burned. Fixed.Drove again and same symptoms. Oil is blowing out of tube onto my headers.
My question is why all of a sudden oil is shooting out of lower breather tube under load. My block is also soaked with oil just under header.
The pic is just a reference..not my car
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Re: excessive oil out of block breather 2.0

Post by RMS » 20 Apr 2016 15:57

well you could have a broken or stuck ring or a hole in a piston. do a compression check and report back with your findings. now the L series do create a lot of crank case pressure and if you used the same amount of sealer this guy used on his carb I could see problems popping up :P
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Re: excessive oil out of block breather 2.0

Post by 510rob » 20 Apr 2016 16:56

stealthy silver sealer

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Re: excessive oil out of block breather 2.0

Post by okayfine » 21 Apr 2016 05:43

OP you need to better describe your issue, along with appropriate photos. By using the photo above, you're indicating you are not running the hose from the block to the carb. IF that's the case, what do you expect? That's why the factory engineered in the PCV system.
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