Newer clip in R160/R180 axle stub ?

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Newer clip in R160/R180 axle stub ?

Post by macgyver » 05 Sep 2016 10:34

Hey guys, so.....
Anyone know the spline count on a newer r160 axle stubs and is it the same as the sti's R180?

I just brought the drive shaft shops cv conversion kit but it comes with r180 slip in axle stubs(c clips). This would be nice if the sti's came in a 4.11 or 4.38. Rt now I'm running a r160 with 4.38 clsd that needs replacing. I can't see myself liking a 3.90 when my 4.38's are really good with my set up.
I have a newer R160 vlsd (clip in stubs) with 4.11's that I would like to use....not sure if those stubs that come in the kit will fit into a newer r160 vlsd?

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Re: Newer clip in R160/R180 axle stub ?

Post by toylet » 06 Sep 2016 22:52

Those axles would be over kill for a r160. I have the 3.54 ratio r180 with driveshaft shop CV conversion and I love it. Getting 29mpg on long trips. But I have 16 inch wheels with 195/50/16 so not sure what size your wheels are it makes a huge difference.

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