Questions to get my car running

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Re: Questions to get my car running

Post by Button » 29 Mar 2017 01:13

First off thank you to everyone for taking the time to answer my numerous questions up to this point.

Well I finally got the new head on, and a new timing chain on and timed correctly. I cleaned up the timing cover and all the bolts and threads and I am ready to put on the timing cover on but in the How to Rebuild your Datsun OHC book it says to measure the oil shaft pump diameter and the inside diameter of the timing cover where the shaft goes to make sure there is not excessive play and if there is to replace the timing cover. I unfortunately don't have the proper micrometer to measure the ID of the timing cover hole but moving the oil pump shaft by hand there is some side to side play.

My question is a little side to side play ok for the oil pump shaft? In the Keep your Datsun alive book it doesn't even mention this so if I was going strictly by that book I would just have installed the oil pump and shaft as per their instructions and be on my merry way, but the comments in the other book are tripping me up.

I have searched quite a bit and people have alluded to the fact that a little play is ok but I can not find a direct or definitive answer.

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