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Re: MG-A with Datsun 1800 needs to get FAST!

Posted: 21 Apr 2017 10:02
by sneax
sorry for my unpatience... :mrgreen: I split my questions:

How high is the L20B from oil pan to top of the headcover?
How high is the L20B from the bottom of the bellhousing to the top of the headcover?
how low race oil pans exiting? like this ones:

Thank you guys

Re: MG-A with Datsun 1800 needs to get FAST!

Posted: 15 May 2017 19:50
by sneax

After searching measuring and calculating.... I decided to go for it!

I will put an L20B in the MGA for this years Carrera Panamericane!
I found already two Engine and bought them. One ha a W58 and the other a U67 head.

The plan is to use one engine highly modified and have one engine in spare.
after reading a lot here and in other forums I think I will go for a "long rod" engine... but have to stay under 2000cc.

I am thinking of 6in z20e rods with 86mm short and light pistons, maybe z20e +1mm.
compression rate should be 10.5 to 10.8. that the highest I wanna go with the Mexican fuel + Octane booster.
lightend and ballanced l20b crank, 2x 45 weber, header, light flywheel, race clutch, sidepipe for more groundclearance.

Any ideas for the pistons?
what ignition would you recommend? is there a Mallory 6AL?
original water and oil pump? ...or are there high flow ones?
are there small and light starter?
witch head is the better one for power and torque?