Ray Reed Racing Manifold

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Ray Reed Racing Manifold

Postby TheHeretic » 31 Dec 2016 20:42

Stumbled upon this manifold several months ago and snapped it up. Anyone have any knowledge of or experience with Ray Reed Racing parts for a 510? The only thing I can find on Google is a vague reference to a 1971 R&T article which quotes "Study the catalogs and ask the firms specializing in Datsun parts – Datsun Competition Department, BRE, Bob Sharp Racing and Ray Reed Racing – for advice. They can help you build a better 510."



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Re: Ray Reed Racing Manifold

Postby Hakosuka510 » 26 Jan 2017 19:36

Ray Reed Racing was somehow affiliated with Kissimmee Datsun in Florida in the 1970s. That's all I can find online. Just blurbs in scanned newspaper ads from the time and such about Datsun performance items, and all of Kissimmee Datsun's classifieds ads stated "KISSIMMEE DATSUN RAY REED RACING THE HIGH PERFORMANCE DEALER."
Casting/finishing quality looks nice. Nice find.

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