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Hitachi 306dcg

Posted: 04 Mar 2017 02:09
by Ekvh21
I'm looking for enlightenment from anyone who can help me. I don't have a Datsun, but I have two 306 carbs from a 210 pickup I want to use on a Goldwing. I know people will tell me to go Weber. I can, it's been done single carb with success. I want to try the 20/26 venturis feeding two cylinders each. I may not use all of the second barrel, but with 10k rpm, it will be close. I have bigger valves and solid rockers to handle the rpm.

My questions (for now) are 1. What is the purpose and function of the weighted-arm secondary air flap is for? Is it to slow the rush of air when you stomp on it?? It looks like it's just an obstruction otherwise. Could it also be to slow the air fuel down and stop lean pops when downshifting? 2. Where does fuel go when the power valve is opened? Straight shot to main jets? How does that help? Bigger feed area all of a sudden?

Apologies in advance and thanks in advance for bearing with me. I am pretty new to automotive carbs. Mostly worked with cv carbs for bikes as a hobby. I won't get started on this for a while, but trying to get a handle on it beforehand.

Re: Hitachi 306dcg

Posted: 04 Mar 2017 08:19
by 510rob
Your best bet is to obtain a factory manual for the A-series engine that you sourced the carbs from.

Re: Hitachi 306dcg

Posted: 05 Mar 2017 05:58
by Ekvh21
Found a Mazda one that explains a lot. I think this is going to work.