Cam sensor on L-Series

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Re: Cam sensor on L-Series

Postby VelvetHammer » 05 Jun 2017 09:06

510rob wrote:this is a crude sketch of what I was thinking about, but realizing it never went anywhere because other things in life have been higher priority

gray = a lump of threaded steel, perhaps with some kind of favorable tip geometry (a flathead screwdriver blade kind of idea, to focus the magnetic field.

black = melexis sensor

blue = some kind of small neo magnet, glued to the back of the sensor. the datasheet suggests using cyanoacrylite (super duper glue).

The top end could be encased in epoxy for long-term protection. blah blah blah... It always seemed like it could work quite well, but it also seemed like it could turn into a mini science project.

btw, that sensor is very intriguing, It's now on my shortlist. Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Cam sensor on L-Series

Postby 510rob » 05 Jun 2017 11:20

VelvetHammer wrote:btw, that sensor is very intriguing, It's now on my shortlist. Thanks for sharing!

It's been on my shortlist for a while but I haven't had any pressing reason to get one. I want to try one in a dummy setup to detect a cam lobe, just to see how capable it is at detecting oblong shapes and magically producing a signal-conditioned and beautifully sanitized and normalized output signal. It all sounds too good to be true, hence the curiosity.

If it does what it claims to do, it would be a magic bullet for a cam sensor on an L-series.

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