Walking back in time, <1100km Z20e from a 1980 200sx

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Walking back in time, <1100km Z20e from a 1980 200sx

Post by DADZSUN » 15 Jun 2017 05:56

Andrew forwarded me a contact in Hamilton region who was giving away a motor/tranny/wiring that was originally planned for a swap in his dad's 1972 Datsun p/u but was never finished.

Originally thinking it was a KA I was happy to pick it up as a backup for my 510, and possibly use the 71c tranny on my 280z project (after a L bell housing swap & mod). After showing up to the p/u address I quickly discover this wasn't a KA.
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It's a Z20e, pulled from a 1980 200sx that was only a few months old and <1,100km when it was T-boned and written off. The motor hasn't been started since that day ~37 years ago, instead it sat in a garage all those years...
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Everything is included, engine, tranny, all the emissions equipment, wiring, ECU, fuel pump, complete intake system. All the stickers are clearly legible, like they just came off the showroom. Wow.
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Even a Nissan FSM was included.
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The best part? A pristine FS5W71B. After a L series bellhousing swap it will make a nice addition to my 280z project.
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Any knowledge on the exact gear ratios offered in the 200sx?

A bit of research shows the engine isn't all that powerful (~100hp/110lbft). What is the compression ratio to the Z20e - would it take kindly to a light-pressure turbo I wonder? Might be a nice swap for a future 1200...
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