CV Failure

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Re: CV Failure

Postby broke » 31 Oct 2017 14:32

Mattndew76 wrote:Is there a better outer boot setup?

Its stamped steel with an inner boot seal. If the stamped retainer gets bent or warped the grease has an escape. Could a machined item be made with a true flat surface making things better from that side?

Like this? ... e-cv-boot/

Assuming we are still looking at the boot being the culprit.

What's interesting is that in this setup the cap screws tighten down directly onto the stamped steel section.

If you look at most OEM setups there is flat piece of steel to spread the load. Maybe a steel ring with bolt holes would help the grease seal?

#2 on this picture shows one common setup - the spreader spans two bolts, obviously several are needed per CV.
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Re: CV Failure

Postby icehouse » 01 Nov 2017 14:07

Well I did it! Pulled my CV axles out. Since I was installing a R190 LSD anyways. The new 4.44 gears are way better but most of all I feel the drive train is back to normal. It doesn't have that weird off throttle bounce. At the track I love to drive my car like I stole it, aka big burnouts, clutch kicks that kinda stuff. After reading the CV installation instructions and seeing "Not for drag race launches" I haven't been having as much fun. So to me a slight vibration at some speeds is worth the correct feedback, no back lash noise and being able to do burnouts.
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