Msd atomic efi?

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Msd atomic efi?

Postby Arbeach » 19 Nov 2017 06:17

I recently purchased a 71 510 wagon with a L18 Weber carb setup. Upgraded brakes and suspension. It’s a fun little car.

I’m starting do research on adding some speed to the L18. My initial plan is to setup an efi system then get some boost going. Then depending on how I feel transfer to L20b. Yes I know what everyone will say “why work the L18? Just go L20b then build”. My thoughts are if I don’t have to put the L18 to pasture I would rather not. I’m not building a race car just something to have fun with.

All this to ask has anyone used the msd/holler carb efi setups? The msd appears to be tunable enough to handle the smaller load from the L18. I searched and couldn’t find anythingon the forums. Maybe I’m just not so good at the google. If I missed it I would appreciate some help going in the right direction. Thanks guys and gals. :D ... plications

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Re: Msd atomic efi?

Postby 510rob » 19 Nov 2017 12:09

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