Muffler selection. Magic solution needed.

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Re: Muffler selection. Magic solution needed.

Post by Edm620 » 18 Nov 2018 06:00

Perfect topic, I'm building my 620 and trying to figure out best choice for exhaust plumbing. I had been thinking of 2" pipe from the header into some kind of muffler, and Monza style tips. Like others on this post, I don't want loud, want the sweet spot of sound and ability to have conversation while on the road. Seems others are happy with a MagnaFlow Quiet muffler. Thanks for the comments posted!
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Re: Muffler selection. Magic solution needed.

Post by BrandonS » 19 Nov 2018 09:29

I've been happy with the setup I put on my car. The stock 4-2-1 SSS header into 2.25" mandrel bent. I have a 9" resonator up toward the front and a Magnaflow 4x6 Oval muffler. To be fair, compared to the 1.75" exhaust that was on it, I did think it was very loud at first. It doesn't bother me anymore. There is next to no clearance through the rear crossmember though.

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