nitrous camshaft grind

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nitrous camshaft grind

Post by scooter » 22 Nov 2018 21:34

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen

I'm in the process of refreshing the engine in my car, I have been running lots of nitrous though it at the drag strip and some HAHA street pulls.

There is alot of experience on this board that may have some advice so i'm open to your your thoughts.

So the motor in question is an lz23 4 cyl with high compression, 12.3:1. and now runs a 125hp kit on it..

I had an isky z-196 cam in it, 306 advertised, 264@.050, .530 lift. It and the rockers kinda look meh so i was thinking of trying something else.

this thing came on at about 3800 and pulled well to 7200 or so, shift at 7500. on the bottle it felt like a stump puller right to the limiter. I like how it ran and wasnt "too racy" or anything. It doesnt see much of the street so if it gets meaner then thats ok.

Ive been looking at schneiders 311F grind:

Grind Number: 311F
Intake Duration (gross): 304
Exhaust Duration (gross): 318
Intake Duration (.050”): 268
Exhaust Duration (.050”): 272
Intake Valve Lift*: .620"
Exhaust Valve Lift*: .624"
Lobe Separation: 105
Intake Valve Lash: .008"
Exhaust Valve Lash: .010"
RPM Range:

I kinda like this cause it is quite a bit larger on the exhaust even though its bigger everywhere. the lift numbers are pretty insane though and the valvetrain might not last very long...

My thoughts are that maybe more lift and duration on the exhaust side would be more beneficial to make more power when on the bottle.

Theres also the isky z-273 which is a single pattern 306 advertised, 274@050 and .595 lift.

maybe isky cam make me a custom one with the z-196 grind on the intakes and the z-273 grind in the exhaust? hmm

if you guys think im crazy, fair enough... if you have some input that would be a better solution for this, im all ears.


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