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Solex side draft jet sizing

Posted: 02 Jul 2019 18:57
by gumby510
Hello everyone, im looking for some guidance. I have a l18 with a a87 peanut head biggest valves you can fit in with a quite aggressive cam that has been running great the last 6-7 years on a weber 32/36. My end goal is to convert to efi but I seem to be taking my time doing so. So in the mean time wile I gather more efi components im going to run twin solex 40mm sidedrafts.

I have 2 different engines ill end up running these on. The current L18 (unknown cr) and my 2.3L big bore z22 (currently building around 9.2-10cr). What id like to know is.

1. What size jets for the L18

2. What size jets for 2.3L builds

Im trying to get a ball park of where I should start.



Re: Solex side draft jet sizing

Posted: 05 Jul 2019 21:47
by Tedman
FWIW, on an L20B bored 1mm with dished pistons, peanut head, 44mm intake/35mm exhaust valves, .480"/280* cam and Mikuni 44s with 34mm chokes I'm running 160 mains, 220 airs, 57.5 pilot and 2.0 needle valves. Runs great on our shitty 91 Octane CA gas.

Re: Solex side draft jet sizing

Posted: 08 Jul 2019 19:03
by gumby510
thank you, this is greatly appreciated.