Muscle car oil study.

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Re: Muscle car oil study.

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L series don't make enough power to hurt themselves.
"Nissan 'shit the bed' when they made these, plain and simple." McShagger510 on flattop SUs
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Re: Muscle car oil study.

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Well.. I had a very bad experience with the Rotella 15w-40 T4. It's never going in any of my engines EVER. Only used it for one season. Minimal driving on Vintage cruises.

The oil had turned into the equivalent of Bunker C oil from the Exxon Valdez. Literally had turned into a slimey molasses type consistency. Machine shop was appalled at the slimey mess it had become. Going back to Synthetics ( Amsoil 10w-40 ) and never using Dino oil again.
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