Found a Silicon Valve cover Gasket source

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Found a Silicon Valve cover Gasket source

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I found a partial gasket set in the trunk of a recently acquired parts car. It was APEX brand, one I hadn't seen before.

Finally emptied the box out today to stash away the gaskets on my wall-o-gaskets, and found an interesting valve cover gasket made of silicon.

The gasket PN is AFS5004. I found them on, so they are still a thing. RockAuto has them too.
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There is also another supplier that I found last year that is making silicon gaskets for L4 and L6 valve covers. I bought a set of them, haven't used them yet. They are a bit thick, and I have very limited (ie none) clearance with my tall LZ24 to the hood. You do have to glue them to the valve cover first, they are just too sloppy to deal with.
gasket3.jpeg (89.43 KiB) Viewed 514 times
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