NISMO Clutch Identification

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NISMO Clutch Identification

Post by ohenry »

Hoping someone would be able to confirm this NISMO clutch combo I saw online. It says it should work for L18 and L20b but I haven't been able to find any corroborating info. I've found some info online for the clutch disc but nothing at all for the clutch cover.

30100-RN410 - Clutch Disc
30210-RS510 - Clutch Cover

Any chance someone has an old catalogue out there than can confirm or know of a site that can?

Thanks in advance,

- Henry
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Re: NISMO Clutch Identification

Post by bertvorgon »

I dragged out my old Nissan comp catalogs and went through both and no where did these numbers show up. My latest catalog goes back to 1993 and NADA!
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Re: NISMO Clutch Identification

Post by datzenmike »

Pressure plate fitment depends solely on the flywheel and what it's been drilled out to accept and the engine has little to do with it. There are 3 diameters of disc and matching pressure plates.... 200mm, 225mm and 240mm.

5 bolt mount flywheels will all interchange.
L16s are exclusively 200mm
L18s are almost all 200mm but the '74 620 truck flywheel is 225mm

6 bolt mount flywheels will all interchange
L20B cars are 200mm but truck engines are 225mm
Z20 car are 200mm but truck engines are 240mm
Z22 car and truck are 225mm
Z24 are all 240mm
KA car are 225mm but truck engines are all 240mm

A 200mm L20B clutch from a 6 bolt flywheel will fit an L16/18 200mm 5 bolt flywheel

You can't go wrong with a Fairlady Roadster 200mm pressure plate. It's rated at 650Kg clamping pressure, more than the 300zx turbo and you can use the L16 release bearing collar.
Disc................... 30100-14600
Pressure plate...... 30210-20111

Probably NLA but I think Exedy has one for the Roadster.
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Re: NISMO Clutch Identification

Post by Tedman »

According to the 2002 Comp catalog, the disk p/n is the 200mm NISMO disk for the 510, Roadster and other L-series with 200mm flywheel (L16/18/20B/Z20). No listings for that Clutch cover p/n, though. Probably need to find a JDM NISMO catalog for that one.
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Re: NISMO Clutch Identification

Post by KiKiIchiBan »

There was one on Yahoo, pictures are up, listing says L18 and L20B
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